The optimized HomeDossier: What you should not ignore

Imagine… you want to sell your house and find that “Homedossier” is the best platform for you to achieve this goal. Your challenge now lies in convincing potential buyers of the attractiveness of your real estate. But how do you tackle it? You know exactly that when you sell your house, the buyer’s priorities can be very different. A young, single man has different expectations of his dream apartment than a couple with 2 children.

By the way, did you know that a recent survey conducted by Credit Suisse revealed that women (57%) have the last word when buying a flat?

HomeDossier - Decision behavior in the search for property

It is also interesting to note that women and men have different priorities when it comes to buying a home. Women, for example, are particularly interested in the kitchen, the neighbourhood and the child friendliness of the real estate, while for men information on building services, quality of construction and a car park seems more important. When it comes to the real estate inspection, the emotions play a large role with women, while for 65% of men the real estate’s financing part is the foremost concern.

What does this mean for you personally when it comes to preparing your own documentation or real estate dossier? It’s simple: the more facts and details you mention in your sales documentation, and the more impressive photos you present, the greater the chances of selling your house quickly and successfully. No matter whether you are negotiating with a man or a woman. Nevertheless, when you sell a house, the focus should be on the woman’s criteria who – according to the aforementioned survey – has the last say.

For the optimization of your property dossier, we recommend the following:

  • Kitchen: Take pictures of your kitchen from different perspectives. Show which kitchen appliances are provided. Make your kitchen sparkle and try to reflect this in your photos. The right lighting also plays a role that should not be underestimated. If you have cookbooks or cooking magazines, display them in a suitable place. Sometimes kitchen herbs or spice plants can also make the kitchen look friendlier.
  • Child friendliness: Do you want to indicate that your real estate is also suitable for children? Then concentrate on those things that show this off. For example, a large garden that allows children to romp around, have barbecues or play with pets. If the kid’s room/children’s rooms is/are spacious and have large windows, then show how bright the rooms are. Take the photos when the weather conditions are best, with blue sky and lots of sunshine. If there are playgrounds, toy shops, kindergartens or schools in the immediate proximity, then mention this! Every little detail may count.
  • Neighbourhood: Are you one of those house buyers who are curious about what the neighbourhood has to offer or who your future neighbours will be? Use the opportunity in your house dossier to provide some details, if you think that it will have a beneficial impact on your house sale. A family would probably be very pleased to know that the family next door has children of the same age. Show the surroundings from the outside or, if possible, from a bird’s eye view (with the help of a drone). Describe what the neighbourhood and local community has to offer. Is the life quality in your area particularly good, is public safety and order exemplary, or are there other amenities worth mentioning? Then let your potential home buyers know. In this case, the quote “less is more” does not apply to your house sale.

Take advantage of every opportunity in your home documentation, to show the advantages of your property in the right light. The more and useful details you share in your property dossier, the better informed your buyers will be. This will then allow you to negotiate only with those buyers who are seriously interested in your property.


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