The Successful House Sale with Homedossier and Venbona

Do you also belong to those people who are thinking of a house sale but do not know whether they should do it on their own or hire a real estate agent? Then there is good news for you: HomeDossier and Venbona can help you in your house sale not just in an easy, quick and effective way, but also at the best possible price. How? Keep reading!

  • Homedossier: is the online platform on which you can create a personalised dossier as a PDF in which you can present your property to prospective homebuyers in an attractive way with photos, descriptions and further details.
  • Venbona: is the online platform that allows you to find a specialist broker and sell your home at the best price.

Let’s take a closer look at the details:

HOMEDOSSIER: Here you can offer every prospective buyer your sales documentation in PDF format with high-quality photos and extremely detailed descriptions of your home. The more facts, details and information (in pictures and text) you mention on your personalized dossier page, the easier and faster you will be able to process your house sale. You will find more prospective buyers, face fewer questions from customers (due to your provided details in your expose), and ultimately deal with only those prospective buyers who are seriously interested in your home. With your house dossier you are not limited to just one language, but you can also offer your dossier in several languages and choose from different designs.
HomeDossier + Venbona

VENBONA: You can now easily outsource the planning, preparation and sale of your apartment/house to a broker. It is important to find one who is fully certified, independent and specialized in digital bidding. The listing of your offerings with your most relevant real estate data is done quickly, and a broker who is already familiar with the Venbona platform will be introduced to you shortly. By the way, did you know that the house sale through the Venbona platform can achieve a 5-20% higher sales price? How? Through the bidding process!

Up to now, the real estate sale was mostly applied by using the fixed-price procedure, i.e. by accepting the first offer of an interested buyer. To be honest, it is not an easy task to set a price for a house/apartment. Let’s not forget that many factors must be taken into account, such as location, size, condition, economic situation and, to a certain extent, even emotions.

Now, however, there is an alternative that allows property owners to find the buyer who is willing to pay the highest price. Thus, the sale of the flat/house proceeds according to the bidding procedure from the starting price, and the highest bidder is awarded the contract. For the real estate seller, this means that he can obtain the best possible market price for his home.

Thus, as a real estate seller you can benefit from these two online platforms in two ways.

  1. You register with Homedossier and create your PDF sales documentation with all your details and photos. The more professional your home dossier is designed, the easier it will be for you to achieve your goal of selling your apartment.
  2. Then register with Venbona and look for a suitable broker who will arrange everything else in the selling process for you and achieve the best price for your house/flat. Remember also that the broker you choose does not have to come from the same region, and also a personal visit of your real estate will not be necessary, since a professional dossier with all the relevant information is already available. You are therefore empowered to create this dossier in your very individual and promotional way in order to attract as many interested property buyers as possible.


Thanks to the clearly structured real estate dossier (delivered in PDF format), all involved parties can benefit:

  1. the broker who gets access to your sales documentation (and therefore does not have to create a new dossier) and knows exactly what he is dealing with.
  2. the buyer, who can have a closer look at the details and photos of your exposé in order to get a better idea of what he can expect.
  3. the seller (you), as you can see for yourself how the price – thanks to your professional dossier – is being pushed up.

If you are also thinking of selling your house, or if you are a real estate agent yourself, don’t hesitate any longer and register today on the online platforms of and  Don’t forget the saying “Well presented is half sold!”



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